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I almost always make this Nutella as a way to use up leftover hazelnut brittle, which I make with butter to give it opacity and that buttery crunch. Stella Sep 29, 2011 · PM And for those who use Metric (that would be me and all my friends on FB who I just sent this recipe to): 198gm water 425gm sugar 170gm corn syrup or honey 85gm butter (you may omit the butter for vegan/lactose free) 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped, bean minced (directions below) 285gm hazelnuts, toasted, skinned, and roughly chopped 225gm dark chocolate (preferably not from chips), melted & cooled 28gm cocoa powder 3/4 tsp salt 170gm – 225gm hazelnut oil Oct 25, 2011 · PM Stella is there a substitute for hazelnut oil? · Sumaiyyah · 25, 2011 · PM @Sumaiyyah, you can by all means use any neutral flavored or slightly nutty oil of your choosing. Since i don’t really have much time (or a large freezer) i needed to make it in advance, and didn’t want it to spoil and make people sick… However, if you omit the butter, the recipe is made of incredibly shelf stable ingredients: sugar, chocolate, oil, and nuts. It’s actually Sarah Jane’s plate, I sent her home with a jar of the “nutella” as homework so she just shot them on her own dishes at home.

Pour the mixture onto the sheet pan and spread it out with your spatula.

I made this at work where it is about 60° and it set up . Just take care not to microwave the mixture if you are thawing it out, the heat will cause the crystallized sugar to melt out, destroying the additively crunchy texture of the paste.

Whenever I make it at home (a balmy 72°) it can take several hours. If you’re looking for clever ways to use up a good portion of your Nutella, try layering it with the vanilla wafers in banana pudding!

Compared to the average batch of nut-brittle, there are a lot of nuts and not so much brittle.

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So the mixture will seem quite thick, but that is quite fine.· threeblondesandatomas · 29, 2011 · PM @threeblondesandatomas, You could say the butter is a vestigial ingredient.