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Nothing can be more frustrating than not getting benefits you deserve because of the writing shortcomings on a form.

Attempting to claim the Child Disability Tax Credit (DTC) without a T2201 will fail, it must be filled in first!

As a way of paying it forward for all the help the Blunt Bean Counter (BBC) gave me for setting up my son’s Disability Tax Credit for School Fees, I think the best place to start is a quick How To (or more of a How I, not sure your situation will work exactly like mine) setting up a CRA Child Disability Benefit (Disability Tax Credit ( DTC )) .

This is the first important financial thing you must do if you have a disabled child.

You can read about that in Child Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Application Letter (Template).

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So to sum up, the first thing for this Disability Benefits.As I stated, there are no guarantees here, but as long as you have followed all of the steps and have a well written set of documents you should be OK (in our case the diagnosis was accepted, but I have heard of other cases where the diagnosis was not accepted). While this may not be a complete list, it is what we went through with our son.If your diagnosis is approved by the CRA the next step is to start looking for Medical and Disability related Tax implications, and asking the CRA for refunds.The CRA can refuse your request for the Child Disability Benefit (Child Disability Tax Credit ( DTC )) if your documentation is not to their liking, so make sure the diagnosing professional has filled in the forms before (and knows what needs to be said in the documentation).

Second you need to get the professional to fill in a T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate for your child.The Psychologist at OCTC knew the correct terms to use for our form, so our claim was accepted, for 10 years.

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