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“Underneath there’s this rumbling going on, but it just rumbles and rumbles until it blows.And it blows with the emergence of a depression or it emerges with a suicide attempt.” Most teens come to Paradigm because they’ve hit bottom in the same way an addict will.Videos Turn Violent Over time, Olivia started watching videos of girls fighting each other.They’d pull each other’s hair, scratch violently and sometimes knock each other out.“She was home alone and we had been told to lock it up, but we just didn’t think this would ever happen,” says Mary, who is now in tears.Olivia’s parents were shattered, and desperate to find a way to help their daughter.Her once bubbly daughter went from hanging out with a few close friends after school to isolating in her room for hours at a time.“She started just laying there not moving and just being on the phone,” says Mary.

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But she desperately wanted to be popular, and the cool kids talked about their latest You Tube favorites.

Olivia and her friends rooted for certain fighters.

“I think it was just fun to watch because they would make me laugh,” Olivia recalls.

When her youngest daughter, Olivia, was in middle school, Mary watched her disappear behind a screen.

(Names have been changed to protect the family’s identities).

“And at that time I was having a pretty hard time dealing with depression and anxiety.” Olivia’s parents were arguing a lot and she wasn’t connecting with her dad at all. For the first time in her life, it was tough to keep up with school.

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