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There was a snow globe, and I remember the penguin who lived inside the globe. See more » In navigating the torrent of negativity to which this movie has been subjected, one thing to keep in mind is that it's an adaptation of a very widely read and popular book.

The book itself had a rather sunny disposition, which is ironic as it often was somewhat grislier in detail than the movie.

Later when George Harvey is looking at a scrapbook there are numerous references to Fairfax Virginia printed in the newspaper articles.

See more » ] I remember being really small; too small to see over the edge of a table.

Thanks to the sweet-faced and deeply affecting Ronan, you'll never forget Susie Salmon.

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See more » When Susan meets Ray and opens her locker we see the imprint "Fairfax Public Schools." Later in the movie she identifies her location as Norristown Pennsylvania.

Ryan Christensen, obletovaná hvězda, a skromná Taryn Mitchellová ze Seaportu zjišťují, že vlastně chtějí od života totéž: klid, soukromí a pevný láskyplný vztah.

A za ten je třeba bojovat, i když překážky číhají na každém rohu!

That's because events can be described in words in a grisly way but still be part of an optimistic universe when you are reading -- it works.

That doesn't quite happen when you actually see things with your eyes, film is much more literal (strange to say) that literature.

The 9th of May occurred on a Saturday in 19 which is incorrect in the context of the film.