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Most of the other solvers can be used as validators simply by asking them to return two solutions, but being able to do the task isn't the same as being designed for the task.In the run-time tests performed for this survey, I always ask the solvers to find two solutions, unless the solver doesn't support that option.Kolbe doesn't just help you achieve your goals; it helps you control your destiny. For Your Business Through Kolbe's products and services you will optimize hiring, training and managing people, as well as increase the effectiveness of your employees.

A program to do puzzle validation has a bit of a tougher job than a simple solver. This difference impacts the design of the solver in a fairly deep way.

A validator, on the other hand, loves finding the contradictions that constitute dead ends, because they reduce size of the search tree.

It's in no particular hurry to find the correct solution.

In solving a puzzle, the goal is simply to find a solution.

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This seems to be the goal that most designers of solvers have in mind for their programs.

My testing procedure is generally to figure out how to get the solver running on my computer (which normally runs Linux but can be booted into Windows), write some code so that I can export puzzles from the database in the correct format to be read by the solver, and then test the solvers on the puzzles.