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He sticks to a narrow script, advocating term limits and lower taxes without offering many specifics about what he would do differently from the “knuckleheads” (his term) currently running state government.Nor, as of presstime, has he discussed in any real detail some topics considered standard for politicians, such as his religious beliefs (if any), his family (beyond his wife and his maternal grandfather), or his stance on such hot-button social issues as abortion, gay marriage, drug policy, crime reduction, or capital punishment.“Bruce had no furniture for the first nine months,” recalls Casper.“So he slept on a foam rubber mattress you used for camping.” Casper, who was looking for a job, submitted an application at Harris Bank in the Loop.Edgar had supported Dillard, his former chief of staff and a longtime friend.“We cannot afford a governor who has to learn on the job,” Edgar said at a March news conference, in an obvious reference to Rauner. Edgar replied bluntly: “I don’t know you.” Any number of Illinois voters could say the same.He declined repeated requests through his spokesman to be interviewed for this story. Who is this man who would be governor, who in early September was beating Quinn in various polls by anywhere from 4 to 14 percentage points?

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You’ve heard that he’s going to “shake up Springfield.” Much beyond that, though, things get hazy.

One fall weekend, he joined classmate Andy Ebbott and his parents for dinner. It’s what makes the world go round.” Rather than become an environmental scientist, Ebbott says, Rauner decided to major in economics and go to business school, which would let him make lots of money that he could give to environmental causes.

“My father thought he was a socialist,” laughs Ebbott, now an executive at a Boston real-estate investment firm. Rauner graduated with highest honors in 1978, with his eye on Harvard Business School.

Rauner finished high school there, then entered Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1974.

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He rowed crew as a freshman and joined a jock-heavy fraternity, Theta Delta Chi.

In the space of six years, he and Ann settled in a split-level in the northern suburb of Deerfield, and welcomed four children: first Bruce, in 1956, then Christopher, Mark, and Paula.

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