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He worked and camped with the local YMCA throughout his early years, and enjoyed these activities to such an extent that he intended to work for the YMCA after completing his education.Kinsey's senior undergraduate thesis for psychology, a dissertation on the group dynamics of young boys, echoed this interest.Kinsey continued his graduate studies at Harvard University's Bussey Institute, which had one of the most highly regarded biology programs in the United States.It was there that Kinsey studied applied biology under William Morton Wheeler, a scientist who made outstanding contributions to entomology.He seems not to have formed strong social relationships during high school, but earned respect for his academic ability.While there, Kinsey became interested in biology, botany and zoology.

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Kinsey's ability to spend immense amounts of time deeply focused on study was a trait that would serve him well in college and during his professional career.

In his textbook Kinsey laid out the basic facts of evolution in a manner-of-fact matter, as though he were discussing the life cycle of the fruit fly. The chapter called "Further Evidence of Change" was especially blunt...

Kinsey defined evolution as "the scientific word for change", and while he acknowledged that there are some people who "think they don't believe in evolution", he tried to show his students the folly of such reasoning.

Most of Kinsey's social interactions were with other members of the church, often as a silent observer, while his parents discussed religion.

Also at a young age, he showed great interest in nature and camping.

Kinsey was not successful there, and decided engineering was not a field he was good at.

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